Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

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Monday, July 9, 2012 – ISSN 1529-1057

Director of University of Virginia Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) –

Applications are being accepted for a research faculty in infrastructure systems engineering to serve as director of CTS. Qualified candidates must possess an earned Doctorate in Civil Engineering or closely related engineering field.  The CTS Director provides leadership for CTS, including oversight and development of the research program, and cultivation of relationships with federal, state, and local agencies, other university transportation programs, and industry.  The CTS Director serves as the lead for CTS’s Transportation Training Academy (TTA), and will coordinate transportation educational offerings at the graduate level, while teaching  university courses on a periodic basis.  Apply on-line at:, Posting #0607156.


1) British Airways Googles VIP Fliers so Crew Recognizes Them
Link to article in USA Today:

2) Airport Ambassadors Now Greet Passengers at Charleston International
Link to article in The Post and Courier:

3) SESAR Signals Technologies for Deployment
Link to article in Air Traffic Management:

4) Sky Cities: Imagining the Airport of the Future as Destination
Link to article in Newsweek:

5) New US Army Radar Could Put Drones in Domestic Airspace in 2014
Link to blog on MSNBC:


6) Finnish Startup Can Locate You Indoors Using Magnetic Field Anomalies
Link to article in Wired:
Link to news release from IndoorAtlas:


7) Costa Concordia Investigation Finds Faulty Voyage Data Recorder
Link to article in Port Technology International:


8) A Voice of New York's Streets, Saying That It's Safe to Wawk
Link to article in The New York Times:


9) Public's Input on Virginia Port Privatization Remains Uncertain
Link to article in The Virginian-Pilot:


10) Railroad Bridge Information Hard to Track
Link to article in the Chicago Sun-Times:


11) Cape Town Police Seize Chatty Drivers' Cellphones
Link to Reuters article:

12) GPS Collars Will Help Keep Banff Bears Off Train Tracks
Link to article in the Calgary Herald:


13) No Automated Audio Planned for Halifax Metro Transit Stops
Link to article in Metro:


14) Dedicated Radio Channel for Highways to Hit the Road in India
Link to article in The Indian Express:


15) BMW Adds Nuance Messaging App to 3 and 7 Series
Link to article in InformationWeek:

16) Cars Communicating: Cars of the Future Will Alert Each Other to Safety Risks on the Road
Link to article in VTT Impulse:

News Releases

Bernie's Notes

I have a free offer that I hope you'll find of interest.  I'm looking for a transportation organization interested in using QR Codes that would connect with audio messages.  I've seen many transport applications for QR Codes but have seen few that use audio.  I believe there could be some interesting ways to use a voice message in conjunction with a QR Code.  If you'd like to explore this further please send me an email.  I'm willing to donate my time to pilot some examples.

 -  2012 ITS Video Competition – ERTICO - ITS Europe

Upcoming Events
BusCon 2012 – September 10-12 – Chicago

Today in Transportation History    
1357 **655th anniversary** King Charles IV laid the foundation stone of the Charles Bridge in Prague.  

1962 **50th anniversary** The US detonated a thermonuclear warhead about 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean as part of a test.  The blast disabled a number of satellites and also caused electrical problems in Hawaii.

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