Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 – ISSN 1529-1057

INRIX Analytics is now in use by advanced industry partners, extending service to transportation agencies of all sizes.  INRIX Analytics is populated with real-time and historical data nationwide, providing turnkey performance metrics on any route of significance across the US.  The webinar will provide a brief overview of the analytics suite and early use cases by leading agencies and partner engineering firms.  Register now for the May 22, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT webinar.


1) US Navy Launches Unmanned Warplane Off Aircraft Carrier for First Time
Link to article in The Virginian-Pilot:

2) Warsaw's Chopin Airport: A Masterclass in the Value of Social Media Communication
Link to article from Progressive Media:

3) The Commercial Side of Fast Wi-Fi on Flights
Link to column in The New York Times:

4) Will Interactive Advertising on In-Train Entertainment Systems Make the Leap to Planes?
Link to blog from Airline Passenger Experience Association:


5) Volvo's Sensors Keep Cyclists Out of Harm's Way
Link to article in The New Zealand Herald:


6) Light Camera Tickets
Link to story on WTSP-TV:


7) Facebook, Waze and the Falling Cost of Mapping Technology
Link to blog on Street Fight:


8) Moody's: Toll Express Lanes Can Get Investment Grade Ratings, But It Will Be Tough
Link to article on TOLLROADSnews:


9) US Transport Moving with Mobile
Link to commentary in The Washington Post:


10) Delhi Government Asks Autorickshaw Drivers to Install GPS
Link to PTI article:


11) ITS America's Scott Belcher Gives the Inside View
Link to article in Roads & Bridges:

12) Searching for Common Ground in the ITS Privacy Debate
Link to article in CTS Catalyst:


13) Top US Admiral Puts Cyber Security on the Navy's Radar
Link to Reuters article:

14) Text, Video, Simulations and More. What's the Most Effective Medium for Maritime Training?
Link to blog on Maritime Professional:


15) The Future of Travel: Transportation Confronts Its 'Kodak Moment'
The impact of the digital revolution on transportation.
Link to story on CNN:

16) Data Palooza Helps US DOT Plan for Our Transportation Future
Link to blog from Mobility Lab:


17) Keene, New Hampshire Sues Six Parking Meter 'Robin Hoods' Who Put Money in Expired Meters and, City Says, Harass Officers
Link to article in The Keene Sentinel:


18) Pedestrians Given Brochures in UAE as Part of Safety Campaign
Link to article in Gulf News:


19) How New York State DOT Can Improve Its Complete Streets Outreach
Link to Mobilizing the Region blog:

20) New Jersey Transit's Secrets
Link to editorial in The Record:


21) ScotRail to Roll Out Free Wi-Fi to 25 Stations
Link to article in The Scotsman:


22) 'Screaming' Motorway Traffic Cones to Protect Workers
Link to BBC News story:


23) IIHS: 11 Teens Die Every Hour Due to Texting While Driving
Link to story on NECN:

24) Big Four Cellphone Carriers Unite on Anti-Texting Ads
Link to AP article:

25) Sirens Remain Vital to Hawaii's Emergency Alert System
Link to article in Government Technology:

26) Final Research Report: A Transportation Guide for All-Hazards Emergency Evacuation
Link to report from the Transportation Research Board:

27) A Transportation Guide for All-Hazards Emergency Evacuation
Link to guide from the Transportation Research Board:


28) Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Space Station Music Video is a First
Link to article in The Washington Post:


29) High-Tech Taxi System Aims for Appy Passengers
Link to article in The Standard:


30) Telematics in Russia, Part II: The Impact of ERA-GLONASS
Link to article on Telematics Update:


31) Pennsylvania Tanker Truck Explosion: Did the Gridlock Prove We'd All Be Stuck in a Nuclear Plant Disaster?
Link to article in The Patriot-News:


32) In Boston, 'Tremendous' Response to Wi-Fi on Trains
Link to article in the Chicago Tribune:

33) Wi-Fi on Public Transport Faces Access, Monetization Road Bumps
Link to article on ZDNet:

34) TriMet Unveils E-Ticket App
Link to article in The Oregonian:

35) Smart Buses Coming to Saskatoon
Link to article in Metro:

36) SEPTA Crafts Customer Service Culture
Link to article in Progressive Railroading:

37) 2,000 Photos Showing New York City's 1900s Mass Transit System Now Online
Link to further information on the Gothamist:


38) Traffic Management System Helps Alleviate Traffic Issues in Harrisonburg, Virginia
Link to story on WHSV-TV:

39) University of Minnesota Researchers Work to Speed Wait Times at Traffic Lights
Link to story on KSTP-TV:

40) Students at Egypt's Mansoura University Develop Smart Traffic Information System
Link to article on El-Balad:


41) Senators to Take Driverless Cars for a Spin
Link to article in The Hill:

42) Will Your Next Car Join the 'Revolution' in Information Technology?
Link to article from E&E Publishing:

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Upcoming Events
Driverless Car Summit – June 11-12 – Detroit

Today in Transportation History    
1963 **50th anniversary** Denmark's Frederik IX Bridge officially opened between Lolland and Falster.

1973 **40th anniversary** Skylab, America's first space station, was launched.

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